Documenting of Your Business Processes

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Busy desk with business person

If you want to grow your business you need to become good at understanding the processes and delegating out tasks. Many startups begin life with one CEO who does everything.

Once you become accustomed to managing every business task it becomes hard to let go of this habit and remove yourself from the process. However, as a CEO your main role is to lead and drive the business forward, this means like it or not you are going to need to delegate.

You are going to need to delegate.

The classic “Type-A” personality of a CEO wants everything done perfectly, just the way they did it. The only way to achieve this is to document all of your processes. Documenting processes can be done in various ways such as producing word documents with diagrams and pictures with the task requirements. Or another way would be to record a video of you doing the work by using screen-capture software. This is a very time-consuming process in the short-term, however by documenting all processes and job roles will make business growth much easier to achieve.

Once you begin to recruit team members to fill roles you once completed yourself this will help them to get up to speed quickly and reduce the time you will have to spend training your staff. Not only that but it means if a staff member is ill or subsequently leaves there is minimal disruption to your business.

Processes that are documented reduce confusion and help to maintain consistency and quality in your business. Take a look at fast-food chains, coffee shop brands, and any large franchise type businesses and you’ll discover that their processes are very well-documented – and these industries are famous for consistency.

So as a way of keeping your business working efficiently as to allow you to build and sustain future growth, maybe it’s time to document your process.