Do you need a physical office?

The possibility of functioning as a business without a physical location and office. Many businesses today have this opportunity, apart from maybe if you own a high street retail outlet, then feel free to ignore this. However for many businesses this could be a game changer.

Do you have an office? If so, then why? With an office you either have a lot of business capital tied up in buildings, or your have high rent. Then add to that expenses such as council tax, furniture, maintenance costs and it ends up being pretty costly.

Many businesses have an office because thats how its always been- you own a business and every day you go to the office and at the end of the day you drive back home.

Well what if we said you could remove the office costs entirely, have happier staff and even have a lower wages bill. This is the case with having workers work from the comfort of their own homes. These days, there are a lot of online software solutions dedicated to ensures your workers remain accountable and the team stays in full communication.

Having employees work from home means you can attract staff from a wider geographical area – this means you can recruit the brightest and best. Additionally working from home is incredibly sought after by employees and many are comfortable to accept a lower paying role in order to have improved work/life balance.

Overall by switching to remote working you could have happier employees, a lower wages bill, and improved profitability. Perhaps it could be worth a trial run!