Choose and rent furniture for your remote working pad

Often living in a new country, city or town is fraught with questions. Questions such as how long will I want to be here? Do I want to move after this? Where can I go next? All in the quest of a more nomadic an interesting life. Nevertheless, we want life to be comfortable.

Fernish is a unique and interesting furniture rental company or ‘lifestyle subscription service’ which enables you to temporarily rent individual or sets of, high-quality pieces of furniture to your door on a per-day basis.

This business operates perfectly for professional people and entrepreneurs who are operating remotely and living in a different location in relatively short spaces of time. The website operates more like an e-commerce store than a subscription service as it allows you to specifically choose items in which you would like to rent, but the appeal is high due to the quality of the furniture – you wouldn’t want to rent any abused Ikea furniture would you?

Furniture rental for remote working
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Originally a startup in Los Angeles, it is now expanding into Seattle, Washington. So sadly the company may not be available in the UK just yet. As we ourselves have no fixed location and our team have the ability of work from anywhere in the world so we just love this concept and had to share it!

This company has a unique, yet practical business model which is perfect for scaling rapidly in their market. Their business works well in the growing trend of remote working and appeals perfectly to the professional millennial demographic. We know so many entrepreneurs are eager to start an e-commerce business but more often the hardest thing is deciding what to sell. We hope this gives those of you struggling for inspiration some out-the-box ideas!

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement or endorsement for Fernish, we just found this great article about the company on and thought it would be worth talking about the business.