Get more done with outsourcing

You are an entrepreneur, a pioneer. You are an early riser and a late finisher. In the early days you are the receptionist, sales person, marketer, accountant, cleaner, HR manager and operations manager to name just a few of your many roles, have you thought about outsourcing any of them yet?

Like many entrepreneurs you probably spend most of your day working in the business rather than on your business, and for many of the roles above you have no experience at and are literally flying by the seat of your pants.

What are you really good at? Is it business innovation, customer service or sales? Imagine how good your business could be if you could focus on what you are good at and not having to worry about all the other little jobs you have to do on a daily basis.

If you think about it many of the jobs you do in your business are low value jobs – maintaining social media, writing blog posts, cleaning and doing the books. Take a minute and think about how much you value your hourly time. Is your time more valuable than the jobs you are doing. These are just some of the tasks you could outsource.

The main reason most entrepreneurs do every job under the sun is to keep your business costs low – in the hope that one day you will be able to draw a salary from your business and then grow your business to then take on an employee. The problem with this tactic is that you only have so many hours in the day and you end up doing many different roles sub-optimally.

What if you could outsource some of the lower cost roles in your business such as cleaning, operations or bookkeeping – how much time would this free ip in your day that you could focus on business growth?

The important take home here is work on the business not in the business by selecting jobs which others can do easily which will allow you to focus on the future and direction of your business.